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I constitute the principle to grind of the whetstone

I reduce work
   I sharpen it with an abrasive
I destroy work
   I destroy it with an abrasive
   I destroy it by work, the vibration of the blade
I crush work
   I transform plasticity
   I push it with an abrasive
   I push it with bond
I let work wear
   I let you wear with an abrasive
Composition changes work
   I change composition by frictional heat
   I change composition by a chemical reaction with the water
I maintain the function mentioned above
   I maintain quantity of abrasive tsukidashi
      I sharpen bond with a chip
      I reduce bond by friction
   Abrasive friableness
      It crushes it by pressure to be applied to an abrasive
      I raise friableness of abrasive itself
   Abrasive holdout
      Adhesive strength of the bond
      Contact area between an abrasive and the bond
      Linear expansion rate difference absorption between an abrasive and the bond
      Abrasive shape
      An abrasive and chemical coherency of the bond interface
      An abrasive and wedge structure of the bond interface
      Interfacial surface-active power between an abrasive and the bond
   Abrasive dispersibility
   Composition stability of the bond
      Chemical stability of the bond
      Thermal stability of the bond
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