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Company profile

Company profile


Management philosophy

  • All the employees empathize with a customer and plan improvement of the customer satisfaction and make our continuation more reliable and contribute to society.
  • In this way, we develop continuously and aim at becoming the company with the significance of existence.
Representative director Yoko Ito

To the world

World visitor
● The United States of America
● The People's Republic of China
● The Republic of China
● The Kingdom of Thailand
● Malaysia
● The Republic of the Philippines
● Singapore
● Japan

Our feelings

1.The research and development system for the state-of-the-art!
   Always in a viewpoint, the thought of the visitor
2.I meet trust!
   All the members are specialists
3.A patient tough, delicate product structure!
   All the members to an individual an individual in the whole
The Ada trout aimed at the low cost since its formation high-quality short delivery date, and a visitor gave trust to me. I will try to be able to be satisfied with a visitor by being particular about a product of one one in future.
If it is Diamond whetstone, please consult about anything to us.
As well as a whetstone, I provide it until a processing process, and efficiency, the high quality of your production process contributes to becoming it.
≪The Niigata head office company building appearance≫

Scenery in the company

Meeting room

Company profile

Company name
The location
〒959-2477 1117-384, Shimokonakayama, Shibata-shi, Niigata
Phone number
FAX number
Representative director Yoko Ito
The establishment date
September 26, 1988
Duties contents
Production and sales of the industrial diamond whetstone
The number of employees
Fourth Hokuetsu Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank
Main business partners
(1) KYOCERA Corporation 
(2) Coors tech 
(3) Shin-Etsu Chemical Co., Ltd. 
(4) Western Digital 

Company history

September, 1988
ADAMAS establishment
July, 2007
The ISO9001 acquisition
June, 2016
Branch establishment in Taiwan
July, 2017
Factory establishment in Taiwan
April, 2021
Taiwanese factory field independence corporation


A regular staff: 42 parts: Three officers (I include an auditor): Three people
The average age: 46 years old
Mean length of service: 17 years
The paid mean acquisition days: 6th

Traffic access

An address: 〒 959-2477 1117-384, Shimokonakayama, Shibata-shi, Niigata
Access: The person who comes by a train 
       Tokyo - Niigata Joetsu Shinkansen 124 minutes
       Niigata - Shibata JR Hakushin Line 36 minutes
       Shibata - Kanazuka JR Uetsu Main Line eight minutes
     The person who comes by car
       From Nihon-kai Tohoku Expressway Nakajo I.C 4.5km
1117-384, Shimokonakayama, Shibata-shi, Niigata
TEL. 0254-33-2211
FAX. 0254-33-3756
Production, sale of the Diamond whetstone
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