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Tokyo Niigata story

I use it by coming and going of Kanagawa and Niigata with the home twice around 1 times in the Joetsu Shinkansen, a month.
When a family carries desolation to go away on the back when I hold a family and a pet dog and rushing to be able to encounter in a chest, a decorated poster quiets my feeling and buries distance and time between Kanagawa and Niigata in the horizontal wall of the passage of the Shinkansen.
It is an advertisement of the sake brewery of Nagaoka-shi that is founding 470 years called good luck Nogawa. The title of the advertisement "Tokyo Niigata story." I am replaced every season, and a new story unfolds. Several lines of sentences are wonderful sentence and photographs opening as a quiet story. Please look at the one taking Joetsu Shinkansen.
It is Kubota, Niigata that closes it, and is proud of innumerable excellent sake of chotsuru, Midorikawa, Kikusui, but good luck Nogawa is a brand to represent the taste that "is refreshing, and is rich blandness" characterizing the liquor of Niigata, too. When you come to Niigata, please try good luck Nogawa like other excellent sake.
January 27, 2018 Development Division Masao Yamase

Christmas of 1976

Mr. B which stays on the mountain if I have time in the neighbor in the four season.
If "there is a person similar to this photograph not to finish, "it is what, or hand this photograph to the person" is that asking the impossible "nephew, Yamase" suddenly (by the way, both the cell-phone and the Internet cry in those days)"
"It is the person that a, this Mt. Hotaka are beautiful" "somewhere" where "probably I play the piano somewhere" Which "do not know" "what was there?" "dakedona, this photograph are good and see it two years ago, and do you not think that it is slightly strange?" "Is it light dress slightly some for autumn?" "For some reason therefore whether because "a senior was rough, scary" whether said that did not need it if thought that was for a memory few, to be enough for, and took a photograph, and heard it when was after it, and sent it, did so, tried this mountain for the first time which seemed to have father bring it at the age of a high school student several times if heard it" "Maybe," "is love at first sight in it?" "It was not so, some mind ninattena walked the back around 100m apart for a while" (there was not the word stoker)
Which "see it suddenly if do so, and enakunattena ran after the back hastily, but invisible, possibly think everywhere, and have begun to come back, but say when such a person does not meet the mountaineer who passed each other either" "is an accident?" In "it" which "I came back to the mountain hut if I looked for it a little more and was not found and was going to provide a relief request which I thought to be it by intuition" "The leg and the finger which I found her who falls down when I look in the bottom in a cliff if I found it a bandana having been linked to the branch of the tree and I walk there broke it and I carry her who the wound was deep, and was desperate for the blood loss from ... it which was terrible on my shoulder and climb the cliff and walked to a mountain hut for one hour live! I live! It is the pattern that was a cry in this, "I'm sorry, "rescue team tokadattara might tell you "I am seen in everybody because it had a big voice of the senior" when, I'm sorry," I of I was saved by it or was looking for the person of therefore this photograph, did not listen to the contact information" "I am the Music College student which it is in omoi as it is to Europe when the probability to be found if I leave it at you is bigger than me, and heard it for a while when the only clue takes a photograph, and "any I seem to go barhopping in somewhere every night, and it is only to play the piano by a part-time job", please do not say, it is love at first sight after all, which "it seems to be a senior" is different, wants you to play the piano again, "it wants to see and it is a beautiful person" to listen to the piano" it "is in omoi sonandakedona, to listen when strange"
"A senior, this music are kaesa redesuyone "good music for me" lover" "is like that sodana ..." ..., "a senior, what happened? Indeed it is ・・"
"It is her, she plays the piano"
"The next, please listen to Tennessee waltz in big voices playing the piano for a life helped by you that the first piece come back to me "lover, and ... I who was" am playing the piano now, and Merry Christmas"
"Senior, she cry, oh, ... as for the senior" "senior, Merry Christmas" "Merry Christmas"
As for both the staff of the shop and the visitor, "Merry Christmas!" together
December 17, 2017
Development Division Masao Yamase

Christmas Eve of 1976

The British wannabee of a sweater and the jacket checked by A (1 year junior), a bob cut infected by the Beatles in the neighbor.
"It, too today", though "it is Christmas, a senior is with her, or is not which "let's drink it today" which "you might follow you without permission" which "I am sorry that there is it and puts it together" "it is anything" "Mr. Yamase"?" "Leave it, and do not get drunk in this, and, in a place, why are you here? Handed the ticket of the Christmas concert that kept for you to gnarl of general affairs properly, "was with "gnarl", or please did not call her familiarly, and, by the way, said to her, and did hand it?" "It is soryamaa, anything, the ticket of the sono concert is anything, or A remains, and I chip it, and knob learns a piano, and but I was doing raku chiteshimattatoiu eyes in any he love, tte "is "a, a which I would ask a senior for why" knob that I will like" gen warechattesa when I hand the music to one piece clause for good kikanate feeling" If "it is it "is called out to a girl as for a "gnarl clause" so casually well" woman whom even it, I loved, "I can so easily go nonchalantly in such a place voice ookakerarenaiyo", or it is not revealed whether you are almost it"
"naa, A" "what is?" "Will I go?" To "where? Indeed "the senior does not come, and it is good" "pretends to have performed fool, you, and "next teirukamoshireizo, I do not become known" may hide in the neighborhood"
"I master it and go out a little, treat you to one cup if I come home alone?] "It is a drink in frustration, let's go, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells forgive a senior, "they are not in time "it is good" if I come home in two people" because they have already opened it"
"A senior, a door close," "well," are ... "I hear a sound which "I arrived, am here, am here" slightly from the gap of this door which sees it, and is lazy, well, not to already put"
"I get!" "I hear ano, this gap well" "I obtain it!" "a, gnarl" "a, M" (her surname)
"How did you do it? What I did not put" "Possibly I think that A may come" and 
As "gnarl, a present were over I I return, then, abayo"
And "M is too unpleasant to accept, keeps you waiting" "A" "what" "Bob cut suitability furrow" "thank you" "Merry Christmas!" "Merry Christmas!"
To hear silver bells ringng
See winter time bringng
December 16, 2017
Development Division Masao Yamase

New aibo was released

Wolf dog
New aibo was released on November 1.
I am keeping a dog of the fifth of them now.
The first dog is the abandoned dog which allowed for parents to keep it at the age of a first grader for the first time. As I came to a house even if I threw it away how many times, father gave it up finally. White and a black hair color were like the panda. He became the best person to talk to of my boyhood. And he/she let me do experience of the bereavement with the beloved person with own death at the age of a junior high student. I had you found the graveyard of the animal of Chofu from a telephone book while crying and bury it. The dog which I kept is buried in the same graveyard afterwards.
I was doing the figure form of the typical mongrel of the umber in the abandoned dogs which the dog of the second of them lost the house, and were crowded. He told what kind of thing a perfect thing to be good was in my puberty. He always told me meanings to go home every day easily. When a book of the night dropped, he criticized well towards the sky. The figure was very noble and liked admiring it on a porch.
The third of them was the white dog which had you hand over a puppy born in a neighborhood. My wife became the dog close against a beginning. And he made friends with the childhood period of daughters.
It was the dog which had you hand over the dog which the fourth of them was put in the corrugated cardboard in front of the home of the co-worker of the company, and was thrown away. It looked just like a golden retriever in the days of the puppy, but it was the figure of the typical mongrel or stood as I grew up. She told daughters whether after all it was perfect gentleness and what kind of thing. I lived to be 19 years old, and it was watched by a family and died.
It is the Border collie which the present dog gives money for the first time and bought. As I keep it indoors for the first time, I grow up into overprotection than four of them in front. I am made to make Tigers fan to the youngest girl by force.
The gentleness that a dog has will be the thing which inherited the character of the individual of the strong wolf of the curiosity that chose that I live with a person first.
The dog with the dignity will be the person who inherited a lot of blood of the far-off ancestral wild wolf.
It will take aibo how long to become able to have gentleness and the dignity to have of the dog. And how will the human significance of existence turn out when the function was presented by the mechanical brain of the human being type robot? The present youths may have to be present at such a situation sometime.
November 10, 2017
Development Division Masao Yamase

AI (artificial intelligence)

Today's Niigata is rainy under the influence of a typhoon for one day.
 I do not have a hobby as I can say to a person, but reopen the Go that I devoted myself to a little in youth from five years ago. I hit the Go today while seeing the rain of the window over there. Go was the game that an opponent needed, and it was said in the ratio around once in the haha month in one's youth in the go club, though. It is a reason that the person that mind is stormy by victory or defeat became messy when why you left the interval more than 20 years is a human being partner as I am.
 I had already thought Go that there was not it at an opportunity to do it, but I knew that the Go software of the PC evolved and reopened it to a PC partner. The evolution of the software in these 5 years is wonderful and lets you memorize the match between the professionals of enormous numbers by algorithmic introduction called the deep learning and, using the computing speed that I got by the progress of the CPU, chooses a move most suitable from that. I became unable to win when I did not get a handicap from software at the level of I rank anymore.
 The reason why I can play it with the match is that I understood some "habits" of the PC software somehow. I do the same mistake by all means when it becomes a certain situation (it is hard to bring it in to the situation). In other words, I use the temporizing means. It is until a development end stage that I can learn PC software by oneself, and there is not self teachability for the software which has appeared in the world once, and, as for the implication of this, own program is not renewed.
 However, as for the probability to be able to beat even if I take the handicap of the mark of nine principal points (I can hit nine moves to the decided place earlier) if it is a net, and the PC software which I use can communicate and is connected to a central main PC, and the enormous computing power is made full use of, and the program in my PC is renewed, nearby to zero.
 Where will the human brains evolve to if they play with such a PC after boyhood? A similar thing is taking place in other fields, and where will the human being who grew up while competing with artificial intelligence evolve to? Or it gives up on the way, and will it entrust artificial intelligence to think? Will the above add a limit to it to some extent not to evolve?
 Or will you come to be able to improve the artificial intelligence to the human algorithm that you thought about by oneself?
 How will the relations with a human being and the artificial intelligence turn out then?
 Can the human being meet "the kind" that intelligence is higher in than oneself whom oneself produced calmly?
 The times in confrontation with such a thing are very near, and they may come.
Development Division Masao Yamase

Old article

Our article was published in Niigata Nippo on November 22, 1988. After time of 29 years, our recent article is published in the Nikkei Shimbun in the day before yesterday. I seem to be able to see employees elation to work in a new factory at the time. It is about time when a bubble begins, and around two years passed and, speaking of 1988, hears that I kept us for a benefit as an old tale from employees (it is quite a lot) from that time. It is about time when I have begun to have hope buying the single house which I gave up throughout the life when impossible for.   Both a lot of orders and the big company have few price discount demands to an outside order and seemed to be the situation that worked day after day instead until the middle of the night, but are reviving achievements solidly now for these past several years while we are forced to severe administration while industry of the whole Japan is sluggish. 
What kind of deep emotion will employees of the coming generation have on seeing an article of Nikkei mentioned above 30 years later?
Development Division Masao Yamase

The Lord of hawk mountain

I met a Prince Yozan Uesugi image on an approach to a shrine to Uesugi Shrine.
I received life as the second son of the Takanabe feudal clan, and the Lord of hawk mountain became the heir by adoption of Yonezawa feudal lord Shigesada Uesugi in 1760. They inherited birthright in 1767, but therefore even personnel expenses gave feudal clan finance a serious burden without debt continuing accumulating the Uesugis to 200,000 cars, and approximately doing the thing that I was and was tied up and caught 6,000 vassal corpses in the Aizu 120 Mangoku times and gave off of first generation feudal lord Kagekatsu Uesugi while a fief was 15 Mangoku. I gave the expert who was well acquainted with industry and finance an important post, and the Lord of hawk mountain reduced cost of living in Edo that was 1,500 to more than 209 in the previous feudal lords and performed economy such as reducing a waiting maid to nine from 50. Starvers occurred frequently by the great famine of the Tenmei era led by northeastern various feudal clans, but the Lord of hawk mountain acted for measures including the encouragement of the economy to the spread and a clansman, the farmer of emergency rations and oneself ate rice porridge, too and economized. In addition, I let a school revive as kyoyuzurikan and let you learn study regardless of the social position including a clansman, the farmer. At first I showed an aim, and the Lord of hawk mountain put up measures before reaching there. In addition, I made much of being decided immediately without things being good, or being bad, or being famed for deferment whether I should change whether I should protect it. The feudal clan finance just before the failure paid debt bonds in full by these measures in recovery, the times of nexts charges. I went into retirement in 1785, but I guarded a succeeding feudal lord until the death and instructed affairs of a feudal clan substantially. I died in 1822.
"Yozan Uesugi" of Fuyuji Domon is recommended.
July 20, 217 
Development Division Masao Yamase

Kennedy and hawk mountain

Next to a Lord of hawk mountain image, a message of Caroline Kennedy of the former stationing in Japan ambassador was given glory to. It was a daughter of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, but a Japanese newspaper reporter asked with "who is a politician to respect most in Japan?" at the time of appointment the President. In contrast, Kennedy seemed to reply, "it is Yozan Uesugi" (I will starve too much). I would visit Yonezawa with thought of father.
July 19, 2017
Development Division Masao Yamase

Uesugi Shrine

For sapoin (strategic generic technology advancement support project) study promotion meeting of the afternoon of July 20, I prayed at Uesugi Shrine of Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata to pray for the success of the study.  I thought that faith of "justice" of Kenshin Uesugi constituted later Japanese mental genetic part, but I could sympathize some other time with the space of the precincts and promised that I made every possible effort for a study.
July 19, 201
Development Division Masao Yamase

All energy

I go to the line to sometimes meet

It is update after a long absence.
July 5, 2017 Development Division Masao Yamase

The production of rice situation (the one of employees making authentic rice between work) from in the H28 year

● The 3/ end - 4/ end
・I plow the ridge: I plow the place not to be able to enter of the tractor with a hoe, a scoop. I gradually postpone a working hour not to put a burden on a waist in several hours and company return (from 20:00 to 21:00) this of Saturday and Sunday for around two weeks.
・The manure sprays a trace element (manganese, magnesium, iron), rice bran (nitrogen ingredient) and rubs it by tractor.
・Make dampening a sheet of paper, and is uniform height; land preparation (thicken it up so that rice is easy to set up a root)
● May consecutive holidays
・I sprinkle the manure of 60% of organic quality with rice-transplanting. The manure harvests it with a delayed-acting thing
● Weeding
・Weed killer dispersion (initial weed killer) that a weed begins to grow from late May.
・When the last herbicidal effect begins to be over for from June to September, a weed begins to appear. By one weeds by hand afterward
Because the weed is cheerful as for the intense heat of from July to August in particular, I work on weeding in 4:30~6:00 before the attendance for approximately two weeks as well as Saturday and Sunday (I do not see it in the others!) , rain works in minochakuyo (well comfortable an appearance, breathability there being no around the thing of the grandfather more than 40 years ago! He/she does not take a photograph even if I ask, Cami)
・I spray the pest prevention by radio control copter jointly in late July
 *By the way, the rice field of another person of the next-door houses on both sides has a disease at the time of the intense heat, a difference of the damage of the pest by how to make of the pole normal clearly.
● Water management
・I inspect it after rice-transplanting in the every evening of the company return other than the daytime of Saturday and Sunday. I sprinkle water depending on time and let you are dried and grow an appropriate root.
・I let you become the dry rice field from September, and prevention, a combine of the trunk breaking of rice are easy to be contained.
● Cut rice; drying, hulling the rice
・I perform it at the time of good weather before and after 9/20. I cut threshing, rice straw with a combine finely at the ine* rito same time and sprinkle a rose on the rice field. The harvest is the rice field a little over eight bale / anti-degree of 9.3/tan of = 558kg/10a neighborhoods, the place where in the first place there are few yields with a river trace.
・I cut rice and hang it to the dryer just after that. As possible low temperature deyukkuriga is desirable for the temperature. So that, as for the fluid volume, around 20% are 14-15% in real 40 degrees Celsius or less for around 12 hours; drying, the immediate drying fear (the United States manages it in around 11%) of the trunk breaking
・I remove hulling the rice, chaff and make brown rice and am kept 30 kg of bagging.
● I sprinkle it and rub it, and chaff includes it
・I sprinkle the chaff which appeared on the rice field immediately (with bags more than 60 kg hard labor) and rub it by tractor. I disintegrate with rice straw in approximately three years and become the organic fertilizer. This work does not see it in the rice field of the neighborhood. In addition, including this commission, the weeding of the weed which has begun to send out buds is possible.
*It is this work every year. To join Japanese food and ancestral occupation together.
Development Division Shuichi Kanda

Christmas of Shinjuku

 I look at a whetstone. A whetstone drags me into the space of the whetstone. "Let's look for an ideal whetstone together", and the whetstone becomes the ship.
 "I come that the whetstone that you are looking for is early and looks for me and find me, and I can save all!" I call me somewhere.  
 "Being where that I want to meet"
 "Come to look for no use only by wanting to meet!"
 "I am looking in now to go to look for it. But why don't you not be able to look for it? ・* *"
 "Somebody who is not you looks for me, somebody who is not you is ・・"
 Christmas Eve of 1976 was the raw night when snow seemed to fall at any moment.
 I soaked myself in feelgood while looking at the life one's name that hung over the bottle of the whiskey which I kept for the first time, the name card in a bar of Shinjuku where I went to for approximately one year without being able to finish controlling the feeling that it was to the man of adult suddenly.
 The shop is deserted more than usual probably because the family carrier buys a cake and hurries in the house road and youths dress up and flock in the date course. The music that arranged Christmas song into jazz plays calmly.
 And, in front of the counter, a favorite girl wipes a glass. It is the shop of the rate that is kind to a man short of money who an amateur-like plain-clothes girl sandwiches the counter, and makes cocktail and whisky and water even if I say a bar.
 I was dragged out of the world of the delusion suddenly when I tipped a glass for the feeling that became Humphrey Bogart saying it was saying "Yamase said, I am Foucault, the person who was well taciturn though you could come". It is called out to a girl and I without the experience doubt mishearing other than the story of the love consultation and looked around the circumference unintentionally, but there is only the child by the side. (I am not taciturn and am only the indecisive man who cannot talk in front of a favorite child)
 "It is an accident ..." that "I return to the country the day after tomorrow when today is the last day here" (e)
 "I am looking for me, a certain person. No, I want to believe that I have you look for me. But is today; as for it an end "the phone number? The address"
 What "my phone number taught it, but there were circumstances, and changed a number" "do want me to do what? It is not a detective, and the search for person is difficult in the information only for the name"
 "Why such a story ..., Christmas fault header of Eve,, I'm sorry, ... not to understand it myself" (a has let cry)   
 Because "I am waiting in a cafe in front, I continue talking first of all if a shop is over, and I am enough" and
 The Foucault found work with friends in a sewing factory of Tokyo from the country six years ago. 
 I got to know a kind youth while traveling three years ago.
 While I met several times even if I came back to Tokyo, I have come to like him who was gentle. And I was summoned to his house after the date that how many times was. She was surprised in suburban Hercules's house of Tokyo. His parents "a family? The work" I heard nadoto and had square it when soup stock, family were too much different and was not going to hear his say to "want to get married". He is in the middle of sending Foucault to the station; "oneself leaves the house. On a day of Christmas of this month, I waited in a usual place of Shinjuku Station and said, I go by all means and saw her off. She waited at Shinjuku Station at the appointed time of the day of Christmas Eve. He waited until midnight, but he did not come. I left a message to a message board. Possibly I thought and waited the next day at Shinjuku Station. But he did not come. I called his family, but do not have you pass it on saying "do not call anymore".
 On the next day, his older sister came to her apartment. "He travels in Europe with the young lady of the childhood friend studying in the U.K. now. Give it up if you think of him. I was asked to prevent you from receiving the communication from him. And she thought, "he met even if he did what kind of thing and should have come to the place if he really liked me, but he did not come" after she cried all night long for days, and she has changed both the apartment and the phone number.
 Still I came to work for the bar that he brought one-time her by a part-time job after work was over. I bet it on his looking for oneself somewhere of the heart even if I understood that it was a regret. When I may drop in at this bar sometime. Or when he/she may locate one's workplace.
(if it says to look for a partner, anyway, it is impossible to be waiting for having you look for it. Generally and I may be married to the young lady of the childhood friend)
 "I may have the servant for man answer a telephone. Tell the number"
 I seem to want you to tell me if you know the place to stay where he leaves the house in the year before last when I spend it on the number that I got out of her who hesitates, and communication comes to only by a postcard. (are, he may be really looking for Foucault but I let you meet how?)
 "Being at Shinjuku Station now, and having met in this way where in station" I appeared in midnight Shinjuku Yasukuni Dori with the Foucault who hesitated. He was not at the station. I looked for an area, but it was already past midnight.
 (so it is impossible or I will say to put it even on the search for person column of the newspaper)
 "Thank you, Cinderella nihanarenakattawane, Yamase" (I have let you cry again)
 As I was not able to let alone her who cried leave, I took a taxi at a station.
 I who got drunk a little do not want to seem to be a guy and a driver letting a woman cry; and "she performed it to just meet the lover who became separated three years ago. I was waiting all the time for three years, but I cannot meet and. Though was not able to help her, Santa comes over sometime; the driver says nothing. The taxi runs on the street which Christmas Eve passed. A night view of Shinjuku goes away. "Visitor, he might be looking for you all the time, too. I may be looking, and a driver still cries for some reason. (a maudlin guy)
 On "a day of Christmas Eve, I was deceived by a family and might not return from Europe"
 "e" She stares at the card which the name of the driver was written in wonder and then I see me with the eyes which I had tears in and nod. And I call for his name while crying. He calls back her name, too. I merely cry without words afterward. (a lie ... that I gave up) 
 "Please take it down driver here"; on a rainfall "Merry Christmas! I called out in driving carefully and have begun to walk the midnight town. I had a feeling that it was called out to her from behind, but I saw only the front and have begun to walk while thinking that it was a help, or Humphrey Bogart did not look back toward Ingrid Bergman. (I toast a, your eyes! Without saying o)
I wanted to drink the night away again somewhere. "The tears of Santa and two people who caused a miracle toast!" "And my tears ... Merry Christmas!"
On December 14, 2016, I am looking for a whetstone now.
Development Division Masao Yamase

White Christmas

「一人で妄想ばかりしている人がいたら人はそれを精神異常者と呼ぶ。 大勢で妄想ばかりしていると人はそれを宗教と呼ぶ」 という言葉を誰かが言っていましたが、自分は神社の素朴で荘厳な雰囲気の中にいるときは、心が洗われる気持ちになります。 (心がけがれているからそういう気持ちになるのかもしれませんが)
開発部 山瀬雅男 

I shake

「相対性理論」で有名な e=mc2 から 宇宙の最初ではエネルギーの存在が必要になります。
「量子論」の「不確定性原理」によると、その空間のエネルギーもゼロのままではいられません。 ごく短時間(10のマイナス20乗秒以下)では、場所ごとのエネルギーの大きさは一つに定まることなく(エネルギーと時間の不確定性関係)エネルギーの値はゼロになったり、非常に高いエネルギーを持ったりします。
上述の相対性理論では、エネルギーは物質の質量に転換できます。 このため、非常に高いエネルギーを持った場所では、そのエネルギーが粒子に変わります。
それを理解するために「トンネル効果」という時間と場所の壁を通り抜ける現象が導入されます。 「半導体技術」にかかわる技術者や研究者の方がよく理解されている「トンネル効果」です。
開発部 山瀬雅男

Is confused

Is set, but it is said disorder a heart in an evening in morning of the autumnal scenery; heart shame zukashi
Development Division Masao Yamase
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