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Environment, quality policy


Environmental idea

I contribute to environmental load reduction in operation and fulfil corporate social responsibility. In addition, I promote resource saving, energy saving and aim at the global environment maintenance.

Environment, quality policy

≪Environmental policy≫
(1)A basic idea.
I catch the issue of global environments such as the global warming as one of the most important matters of one of management policies of the ADAMAS and contribute to social security and an increase of the happiness.
(2) Action guideline
The ADAMAS determines the cause of the basic idea mentioned above, the action guideline about the environmental conservation activity as follows.
a) It is prevented the environmental pollution
 On promoting all operation, in consideration for the maintenance of the global environment of the environmental pollution try for preventing it.
b) The observance of laws and regulations
 I observe domestic and foreign laws and ordinances, orders, rules (RoHS rule, REACH rule), customer needs about the environmental conservation and our other matters which I agreed. In addition, I do not cause non-conformity to a product-containing chemical substance by building the regime that conformed to the demand item of ISO9001.
c) Promotion of the environmental conservation activity
 I promote energy saving, resource saving and contribute to the formation of the recycling society and try for development and the offer of the product contributing to environmental conservation.
ISO9001 acquisition July 27, 2007
≪Quality policy≫
As manufacturing industry of the diamond tool, I meet customer requirements, the requirements of the quality management system and laws and ordinances, regulation requirements and improve the effectiveness continuously.
Representative director Hironori Ito

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