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Organizational chart

It is the simple organization where I gave priority to a function for production, sale over.

Sales department

It is the professional leader which I knew well until the processing process of the user over the market of many branches.
It becomes the spokesman of user and does progress management to fulfil a promise with user of the product improvement on product delivery date.
In addition, I inform the latest product information necessary for user at a good time.

Development Division

It is the expert group which aimed at there being our future before the future of user.
As well as the applied technology of the whetstone, I bring about the new product which is not defeated by the major maker by an individual idea and hot teamwork having deep specialty such as electronics, mechanics, the chemistry.

Manufacturing Department

It is an expert worker group of whetstone processing, the assembling.
Experts more than it produce each one whetstone until fine particles dispersion, whetstone molding, sintering, a die, wig rest manufacturing, the adhesion, electric discharge method, whetstone finish processing, whetstone profile processing, inspection, packing, shipment heartily for an average of 15 years.
The Chiho Malle eel whetstone by the electric discharge method in particular is a crystal of our production technology.

Guarantee of quality section

It is a military unit to approach scientifically to improve the reliability of each process (order, production, design and development) in the company as well as a product. The staff who experienced our production for many years makes use of the experience and builds a realistic quality control system.

General affairs accounting department

I am engaged in the accounting, financial affairs to be connected directly with management and am the group which had human nature and specialty to mind the welfare program of the employee again.
1117-384, Shimokonakayama, Shibata-shi, Niigata
TEL. 0254-33-2211
FAX. 0254-33-3756
Production, sale of the Diamond whetstone
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